Jinbei HD-600V Outdoor flash lamp with trigger TRS 2.4GHz
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Jinbei HD-600V Outdoor flash lamp with trigger TRS 2.4GHz

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Jinbei HD-600V Outdoor flash lamp with trigger TRS 2.4GHz 1/8000s High-speed Sync Studio Flash


Upgraded Jinbei HD-600V Stroblite adopts the most advanced driving circuit design. It features better performance, more stable and more reliable. The HD-600V is basically the same model as the HD but with high-speed features added. It has an integrated built-in rechargeable battery. As the battery can be pulled out easily, it also does not get into a situation where you suddenly run out of power. Just a spare battery to use and carry, built-in 2.4GHz wireless control, LED modeling lamp and Bowens S-fit accessory mount. 1/10000s High Speed Flash Duration catches moving image, Capture transient expression. This strong emphasis on speed makes the HD-600V a smart choice for fashion and event shooting and since it’s fast enough to capture almost any movement at its peak, it’s ideal for high-speed photography.

1. LED screen with full function, 1/1~1/128 22- level accurate power adjustment.
2. 600ws high power, full function flash synchronization, meeting the needs of creative photography.
3. 6600mAh High-energy lithium batteries may reach over 500 flashes in full power output.
4. Intelligent management system, modelling lamp can be set opening time separately to save power.
5. Built-in multi-channels 2.4GHz remote receiver, mult-channels wireless control battery pack far distance.
6. Fast/Slow charging flash function, efficient and flexible, suitable for capturing.
7. Compact volume, high mobility, quick-attach-detach of battery.
8. Interchangeable base enables hand-held shooting or on light stand shooting
9. Professional mount design, JINBEI accessories system, abundant light.

Note: Please don’t turn on the light when you are charging the battery, or you will destroy the light. only use the light after you fully charged the battery

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