Godox VD-Mic Compact Cardioid Shotgun Microphone

Godox VD-Mic Compact Cardioid Shotgun Microphone

AED 159.00

  • Anti Environmental Noise
  • Extended Frequency Response
  • High Sensitivity
  • Low Self-Noise
  • Anti RF Disturbance
  • Compact and Portable
  • Microphone Application: Shotgun


Godox VD-Mic Compact Cardioid Shotgun Microphone.

Compact Directional – Shotgun Microphone – VD-Mic
VD-Mic is a lightweight and super compact directional shotgun microphone, offering improved sound quality to your recording; it picks up sound in front of the microphone clearly while attenuating the surrounding noises. A perfect choice for vlogging, live streaming, interview and more.

Compact and Durable
The VD-Mic is just 8cm long and weighs only 40g, making it a breeze to use. The durable aluminum construction helps to fight against RF disturbance.

Directional Sound Pick-up
Utilizing a cardioid polar pattern, the VD-Mic focuses on sounds in front of it while reducing distracting noises. An ideal choice for noisy environments and echoing places.

Extended Frequency Response and High Sensitivity
The VD-Mic has an extended frequency response and high sensitivity, reproducing every detail of sound. A more expressive choice for singing and instruments playing. Picking up small natural sounds like water gurgling and birds chirping as you wish.

Complete Accessories – Rycote@Professional Shockmount
The Rycote Shockmount prevents unwanted vibration noises effectively, such as noises caused by body movement and device operations. A carefree solution when used for outdoor recording.

Noise-reduction Windshield
The artificial fur windshield helps to reduce wind noise and popping sound.

It also protects the microphone from weather and dust.Especially suitable for outdoor scenarios.

Plug and Play Operation
With no needs to charge or change batteries, the plug and play design offers a more convenient choice. Start to record the instant you want, and never miss a stunning moment.

Universal Compatibility
With a 3.5mm T RS output cable and a 3.5mm T RRS output cable, the VD-Mic can connect to cameras, camcorders, recorders, smartphones, tablets, etc.




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