Manfrotto Camera Cage 15mm Baseplate (MVCCBP)

Manfrotto Camera Cage 15mm Baseplate (MVCCBP)

AED 699.00

  • Adds 15mm Rod Capability
  • For Small/Medium/Large Manfrotto Cage
  • Height-Adjustable
  • Compatible with ARRI Standard Dovetails
  • Dovetail Clamp Quick Release
  • For Wooden Camera Unified DSLR Cages
  • Secures to Wooden Camera Shoulder Rigs


Manfrotto Camera Cage 15mm Baseplate. The baseplate holds 15mm rods at the correct placement to comply with the lightweight support (LWS) standard when using the small or medium Manfrotto or Wooden Camera cages. Four height-adjustable posts secure to the base of the small or medium variations of the Camera Cage to ensure the correct optical axis height. The large variation of the cage has its own built-in rod clamp, but can still benefit from the quick release of the Camera cage.




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