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Product features:

  • Lightweight, hand-held. This Sevenoak SK-SW01 Steadycam Pro is specially designed for recording video with your DSLR.
  • Expert results always, even if you’re moving up and down stairs for instance, your camera will be well balanced.
  • Incorporated quick release camera plate.
  • May also be used as a monopod.
  • Can be extended if required to be able to obtain the perfect balance.



The Sevenoak SK-SW01 Steadycam Pro is a camera stabilizer which is designed to maintain a camera in a fashion that eliminates or makes up for unwanted camera movements, like camera shake. This light weight and easily transportable hand held camera stabilizer system has been created for DSLR cameras which weigh up to a maximum of 4 kg. The Steadycam pro works perfectly so when it is properly balanced it allows you to get that incredibly smooth, elegant and regular shot even if going to extremes and completely decreases shaking, even though you may be jogging, running, walking, going up and down stairs as well as going through a rough bumpy surface or rugged landscape.

When balanced properly the camera floats all the time, constantly balanced, singled out from the hands movements and shakiness along with other undesired actions, you are able to modify the counterweights to correctly balance the camera and it´s ready for you to move into activity and no hand actions show in the videos.

The camera platform will maneuver backwards and forwards, and side to side, to simply allow you to adapt the cameras horizontal sense of balance. By varying the number of counterweight disks which can be on the base platform, you are able to adapt the camera’s vertical sense of balance.

The Sevenoak SK-SW01 Steadycam Pro   when filming the camera will float continually to give a smooth feel.

The Sevenoak SK-SW01 Steadycam Pro whenever balanced correctly the camera floats at all times

Whenever you walk around while using the camera in your hands you might not avoid transferring a number of your own body actions to the camera. This class of stabilizers isolates the camera from the hand that holds it with the aid of a set of weights. To make sure that the camera remains to be upright continuously an amount of weights are attached around the frame of the stabilizer of the steadycam pro, logically positioned to produce a balance. When the camera is perfectly well balanced the camera will be virtually fixed around the rotation axis, unacquainted with just what is happening.

The Steadycam Pro stabilizer will maintain your camera´s balance all the time, it is possible to turn it 360º and the camera will still be balanced. The handle has a foam padding to help stop your hands sliding and for more comfort and accuracy whilst filming.

With a maximum height of 75cm tall the Sevenoak SK-SW01 Steadycam Pro is extremely lightweight, therefore it can be used on site and come in useful for extended periods of filming, it can also be used as a monopod, has a built-in fast release camera plate as well as an adjustable convergence, precision, three axis gimbals.

Add an extra feel of smoothness and professionalism to your films and particularly event filming.




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