BD Seamless Paper Background 2.7 x 11 m


  • High-quality, heavyweight seamless background paper
  • Non-reflective, fine-tooth surface
  • 2.7m wide
  • 11m roll
  • different colors
  • Acid-free and core wound for longevity
  • Paper density: 145 GSM
  • Basis weight: 100lb (~.0193cm thick)
  • Core diameter: 5.7cm (interior)
  • 100% recyclable

The BD Company is a 60 year old converter of display, photographic backgrounds,  and seamless backgrounds & paper. It is just one of 3 converters in the world that provides photography backgrounds. The BD brand is a part of the Savage Universal Paper Company and known throughout the world as a leader of quality seamless backgrounds, photographic  backgrounds, and accessories and products. In the past few years, BD has added other backgrounds made of muslin, vinyl and flocked rayon to its paper background line. Multiblitz USA offers BD Company’s high quality, non-reflecting seamless backgrounds with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel, in an array of 50 vibrant colors, and 2 sizes.

BD seamless backgrounds are one of the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portrait photography, commercial photography, as well as product photography. It can also be used in theater productions, event decoration, banners, posters and more. If you need to compare colors, please get in touch for a BD seamless paper color swatch chart :


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