BOYA BY-WXLR8 PRO XLR Transmitter for BY-WM8 Pro System


BOYA BY-WXLR8 PRO XLR Transmitter for BY-WM8 Pro System

AED 315.00

  • UHF Plug-On Transmitter for Microphones
  • 24 MHz Bandwidth
  • Pilot Tone
  • Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment
  • Lockable XLR & 3.5mm TRS Inputs
  • Powered by AA Batteries
  • Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment


The BOYA BY-WXLR8 PRO is a plug-on wireless transmitter for use with handheld microphones. Use this with the BOYA RX8 Pro and SP-RX8 Pro wireless receivers.

The transmitter gives you 48 channels, a wide-switching RF bandwidth, and a lockable XLR input. An Auto-lock feature prevents accidental adjustments during recording. In addition to the XLR input, the unit provides a lockable 3.5mm TRS input. Power the device with two AA batteries, and use it to capture audio for videography, field recording, ENG, and more.

Key Features at a Glance

  • UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
  • OLED display with information on level, battery status, mute, and channel selection
  • 24 MHz bandwidth
  • Power the transmitter via AA batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Pilot tone control enables you to maintain the integrity of your audio and avoid bothersome interference
  • Compatible with RX8 Pro and SP-RX8 Pro
  • User-friendly menu operation with more control options


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