Elinchrom Octa Light Bank for Flash (190cm)

Elinchrom Octa Light Bank for Flash (190cm)

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360° rotating system.

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The shape is ideal when using the reflection method of light distribution and as a result the Octa does give remarkably even illumination over the front cloth. Consequently, it can be used very close to the subject giving particularly soft results.

Invented in 1982, their unique patented construction and design have won these large lightweight softboxes worldwide popularity. A lightweight die cast rigid central mounting for the flash head inside the unit, which places the flashtube at the point of focus.

  • Super fast to set up, with the unique EL folding construction.
  • 360° rotating system.
  • All Indirect Light Banks are supplied with a Carrying Bag.
  • Accepts BXRi or Style RX compact flashes, which can be easily controlled with the EL-Skyport Remote and Trigger System.
  • Accepts all Elinchrom Flashheads including the Ranger Quadra Heads, with Adpter Ring 26339



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