Gitzo Series 4 Systematic Traveler 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod


Gitzo Series 4 Systematic Traveler 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Weight 2.15 Kg
Top Attachment 3/8” screw attachmenttype
Bubble Spirit Level (no.) 1 number
Carrying Bag Included none
Centre Column no centre column
Closed Length 48.5 cm
Colour Noir Decor color
Easy Link No
Leg Type Single
Leg Angles 26°,55°,89°
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Section 5 number
Legs Tube Diameter 20,24,28,32.2,36.6 mm
Material Carbon
Max Height 134 cm
Maximum Working Temperature 60 degC
Min Height 8.5 cm
Minimum Working Temperature -30 degC
Safety Payload 25 kg
Upper Disc Diameter 75 mm


The Series 4 Systematic Traveler 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod from Gitzo is an ideal choice for those looking for a tripod that features rigid carbon fiber support, yet adaptable and flexible configurations. The Series 4 tripods are ideal for supporting larger video or DSLR cameras, and lenses.

The Series 4 tripod has a unique modular system that can be quickly transformed into different configurations in as little as 15 seconds, and the same tripod can support both photographic and video equipment. Weighing 6.6 lb, this tripod can hold up to 55.1 lb, and be extended to 52.8″ high.

The tripod has an Anti Leg Rotation system (ALR), G-Lock, and brushed matte black finish for improved locking performance and minimized reflectivity. A wide selection of accessories allows you to keep growing your system according to your future needs, whether they are still life, macro, outdoor, sport or wildlife applications.

Anti Leg Rotation
Simply loosen all the twist locks on each leg at the same time, then pull the leg down and tighten the locks individually. The ALR system prevents the legs from twisting.
For a strong, fast, and safe locking mechanism, G-Lock’s special design provides a ‘gravity lock’ effect: the higher the load applied vertically to the leg, the stronger the lock becomes.
Leg Ends
With removable rubber feet, the Series 4 allows you to easily change worn out rubber feet or to fit other accessories, such as spiked feet.


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