Godox 6-in-1 Speedlite Accessories Kit

Godox 6-in-1 Speedlite Accessories Kit

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SA-K6 for Camera DSLR

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Key Features

Godox 6-in-1 Speedlite Accessories Kit

Godox 6in1 Speedlite Accessories Kit is used to get different light effect. With this kit, the flash gun can be got maximal use of and the lightweight and compact size features make it easy to bring it everywhere when you are traveling, useful!! It includes following products:


Softbox – Softed and even light distribution
With Softbox, light will be soften and the contrast will be lowered in the photo, make the picture much comfortable to be seen

Flash Color Effect Filter Kit – For different setting
There are 7 color filters ?Medium Yellow, Bright Red, Just Blue, Full CT Orange, Half CT Orange, Quarter CT Orange, Full plus Green, You can select single or combinations color of these filters for different scene.

Honeycomb- Precise and direct light output
Light can be much concentrated and precise when honeycomb applied on the flash gun. It helps to generate extraordinary effect to the picture.

Foldable Light Beam Snoot – concentrate the light
This snoot is to create a particular focus on a small still life object. The effect is better if you shoot under off-camera mode.

Flash Reflector Diffuser- silver and white reflector sides
Helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.

Flash Holder Type E- speedlite/umbrella bracket
Hotshoe clip design for quickly mounting flashgun; 1/4″ and 3/8″ socket can be changed of the base for tripod or light stand through turning the inside gold stuff

Package contains:

* 1 x Softbox: 20CM*15CM
* 1 x Mini Reflector: 17CM*14CM
* 1 x Honey Comb: 8CM*4.8CM
* 35 x Color Filters – Size: 8x4CM ; 7 Colors, 5pcs per color, as following:
Medium Yellow
Bright Red
Just Blue
Full CT Orange^^Color Temperature: 6500K-3200K
Half CT Orange^^Color Temperature: 6500K-3800K
Quarter CT Orange^^Color Temperature: 6500K-4600K
Full Plus Green
* 1 x Snoot: 29CM*27CM
* 1 x Speedlite Holder
* 5 x Sticky Magic Tapes


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