Sevenoak SK-R03 Hybrid Handheld Rig

Sevenoak SK-R03 Hybrid Handheld Rig

AED 250.00


The Sevenoak SK-R03 Hybrid Handheld Rig is a hybrid handheld rig ,which is actually a dual handle camera support, primarily developed for stabilizing cameras and minimizing rotation whenever shooting video. In addition it may be put to use combined with optionally available add-ons such as a monitor, viewfinder, a microphone and other accessories.It includes light-weight aluminium engineering and a versatile and comfortable double hand-grip for maximum control and expedite operation.

This handheld rig is definitely the ideal solution for anybody needing a lightweight rig on the move. Suitable for virtually any film-maker searching for an adaptable, modular and upgradeable DSLR support system.

  • Compatible Add-ons: LCD monitor, microphone, viewfinder etc.
  • Aluminium structure to provide more stability and durability.
  • Two grip construction to reduce rotation.
  • Customized with other DSLR accessories and supports.
  • Light in weight, transportable and supports up to 20lbs.

Ideal for recording a live function such as a wedding, or shooting a film, this handheld rig will take any project one stage further. The Sevenoak SK-R03 Hybrid Handheld Rig is a light and portable, modular solution which is designed to be easy to use and flexible, so that you can capture all video footage smooth, easily and add a professional touch to your filming, just like how you would want it to be seen.

The Sevenoak SK-R03 Hybrid Handheld Rig delivers a sense of balance and stability to video shooting for film-makers and professional photographers, serves as a mounting plate intended for eye-level video filming and is also a durable foundation for the majority of DSLR cameras and camcorders.





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