Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM Lens


Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM Lens

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•Aperture Range: f/4-22
Diameter•Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor

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  • EF Mount L-Series Lens
  • Aperture Range: f/4-22
  • Three Aspherical Elements, One Super UD
  • Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor
  • Manual Focus Override
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Internal Zooming and Focusing
  • Truly Circular Diaphragm
  • 77mm Front Filter Diameter
  • Rear Holder for Three Gel Filters

Superb optical performance throughout the zoom range
Fast autofocus speed
Highly resistant to dust and moisture
28cm minimum focusing distance at all focal lengths


The EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens from Canon is a high quality “L” series wide angle zoom lens for full frame and APS-C size DSLR cameras. It combines one high-precision molded glass aspherical element and two replica aspherical lenses to achieve the extended zoom range, while also correcting for common aberrations that arise during zooming. A Super UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) glass element minimizes the chromatic aberration of magnification which tends to occur with wide-angle lenses, to help eliminate color bleed along the edges of the subject and achieve high image contrast and resolution.

The lens’ minimum focusing distance is just 11″ (28cm) throughout its entire range of focal lengths, which makes it very useful for close-up work. All of the focusing and zooming action is done internally, with no changes in the size of the lens. Its ultrasonic autofocus motor enables smooth and silent autofocus action and manual focus override in One Shot AF mode allows precise manual focusing without switching into MF mode.

It only uses lead-free optics to help the environment, and features a circular diaphragm for improved background blur. The housing is water and dust resistant to help ensure reliable performance for both professionals and enthusiasts. Like many “L” lenses, it uses 77mm filters, but also has a rear gelatin filter slot behind the lens mount that can hold three gel filters.

This lens is a Canon ‘EF’ series lens, indicating it is for use with full-frame cameras. However, it also works with APS-C format DSLRs and offers a 35mm focal length equivalence of 27-64mm, making it an ideal medium-aperture standard zoom lens.

A super wide-angle zoom lens for full-frame DSLR and 35mm film cameras that offers a 27-64mm focal length equivalent when used on APS-c size sensors.    
Uses three aspherical lens elements and Canon Super UD ultra-low dispersion glass for reduced aberrations and overall sharp, high contrast imaging    
An ultrasonic autofocus motor provides fast, smooth and quiet AF action, particularly important when shooting video.    
Manual focus override enables precise manual focusing even when in One Shot AF mode.    
Internal zooming and focusing systems    
As a Canon “L” series lens it provides professional levels of moisture and dust resistance.    
Circular aperture diaphragm for better, more natural looking background blurring    
Accepts 77mm filters, as well as gelatin filters at the rear of the lens.
Focal Length 17 – 40mm Comparable  APS-C 1.6x Focal Length: 27 – 64 mm                                                                                               
Aperture Maximum: f/4 Minimum: f/22                                                                                               
Camera Mount Type Canon EF                                                                                               
Format Compatibility 35mm Film / Full-Frame Digital Sensor Canon (APS-C)                                                                                               
Angle of View 104° – 57° 30′                                                                                               
Tilt/Shift None                                                                                               
Minimum Focus Distance 11.02″ (28 cm)                                                                                               
Magnification 0.24x                                                                                               
Maximum Reproduction Ratio 1:4.1                                                                                               
Elements/Groups 12/9                                                                                               
Diaphragm Blades 7                                                                                               
Image Stabilization No                                                                                               
Autofocus Yes                                                                                               
Tripod Collar No


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