Elinchrom EL Skyport Remote Flash Trigger

Elinchrom EL Skyport Remote Flash Trigger

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Computer Remote Flash Trigger Set (EL19359)

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Product Highlights

  • Full Remote Control of All RX Functions
  • Camera Sync Speeds Up to 1/250s
  • 5 Selectable Trigger Modes
  • 8 Frequency Channels
  • 40-Bit Security Encryption
  • 196′ (60 m) Range Indoors–Standard Mode
  • 393′ (120 m) Range Outdoors–Standard
  • 131′ (40 m) Range Indoors–SPEED Mode
  • 196′ (60 m) Range Outdoors–SPEED Mode

The Elinchrom RX Computer Remote/Trigger Set gives you complete remote control of any Elinchrom RX flash unit, as well as remote triggering for other flashes by Elinchrom or other manufacturers. By using the included SPEED Transmitter and the SPEED USB RX with EL-Skyport software installed on any Mac or Windows computer, you can maintain total control over any RX strobes using the Transceiver RX (2 included). The EL-Skyport software also offers additional features, such as the programmable Flash Delay, Flash-Counter, and other control features.

To control flash power, modeling lamp on/off and flash synchronization requires only the Transceiver RX and the SPEED Transmitter. Using a “Universal” receiver (not included) will allow you remote triggering for other flash units (Elinchrom or otherwise). The Transceiver RX requires no battery, just plug it into a Style RX, Digital RX or Ranger RX flash unit. The Transmitter uses a 3V lithium battery (CR2430), which is included.

SLR camera sync speeds: SPEED mode up to 1/250s, STANDARD mode 1/160 – 1/200s
5 selectable trigger modes, (4 Groups + All)
8 frequency channels
40 bit security encryption
Up to 60 m range indoors for standard mode and up to 40 m in SPEED mode
Up to 120 m range outdoors for standard mode and up to 60 m in SPEED mode
Battery life up to 6 months–over 30,000 flashes
Full remote control with the Ranger Quadra RX (Only Ranger Quadra RX with serial numbers from 4001 onwards) built-in EL-Skyport Receiver
Full remote control with all Elinchrom RX units; Style RX 300/600/1200, Digital RX 1200/2400, Ranger RX/Ranger RX Speed/Ranger RX Speed AS, using the ELS Transceiver RX.
Note: The Ranger RX Battery power packs require the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX Adapter (19374)
The EL-Skyport Software is available as a “Free Download” in our “Support” section
RX-feature buttons (Remote Control)
Test trigger button and feature button
Integrated hotshoe (middle contact) improved
SYNC-socket for direct connection improved
Two flash modes, standard and SPEED
The “Standard” mode is fully compatible with previous EL-Skyport versions
The SPEED function is available for Ranger Quadra AS, BXRi 250/500 and D-Lite-it and all other units, when used with the Universal Speed
Status LED for EL-Skyport mode and battery status
Improved housing, battery drawer and switches
New hotshoe with screw-lock


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