Elinchrom Skyport Universal SPEED Set


Product Highlights

  • Very Small Remote Control System
  • Can Sync At Up to 1/150s in Normal Mode
  • 8 Frequencies Available
  • 4 Workgroups Possible
  • Range: Indoor-165’/Outdoor-395′
  • Movable Antenna Optimizes Reception

With the Elinchrom Skyport Universal SPEED Set, you’ll be able to use one the world’s smallest remote control systems (Elinchrom Skyport) to control just about any commercial flash unit–the included Universal SPEED Receiver is compatible with older Elinchrom units and any other flash brand, using the included sync cables and adapters to connect to any flash with a 3.5mm socket.

The SPEED Transmitter controls basic functions of Elinchrom BXRI 250/500, Ranger Quadra and D-Lite-it with the built-in ELS Receiver and Elinchrom RX units to which a Transceiver RX (not included) is attached, as well as basic functions of other flash units with the Universal SPEED receiver. To control all RX functions of Style RX, Ranger RX, Ranger Quadra RX (only Ranger Quadra RX with serial numbers from 4001 onwards) and Digital RX from a computer, the USB Transceiver RX 19354/19348 (not included) and the latest EL Skyport software (not included) are required. The SPEED transmitter comes with a Lithium battery (CR 2430) and a sync cable 2.5mm-PC.

Very small remote control system
Syncs up to 1/150s
8 frequencies available
4 workgroups, with individual, group or all-units control
Indoor operating range of 165 feet, outdoors range of 395 feet
Movable antenna optimizes reception


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