FeiyuTech AK4000 DSLR Camera Stabilizer Gimbal


FeiyuTech AK4000 DSLR Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

AED 1500.00

for Sony/Canon/Panasonic/Nikon Payload 4.0KG

360° Pan, 230° Tilt, 360° Roll Motion
Handwheel for Camera Motion/Focus/Zoom
Digital Focus & Zoom for Select Cameras


The Feiyu AK4000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer offers a payload of 8.8 lb and is designed with several advanced and distinctive features. It has a handwheel on the side that allows you to control the movement of the camera in select operation modes of the gimbal, such as pan and tilt modes. The handwheel also lets you digitally control focus and zoom with compatible cameras (see below). Additionally, the handwheel controls the optional motorized follow focus accessory supported by the gimbal. The AK4000 provides 360° pan, 230° tilt, and 360° roll motion.


Another outstanding feature is a touchscreen LCD smart panel integrated on the handle. The display, the joystick, and the handwheel work together to let you assign and adjust all the settings of the gimbal. The AK4000 also has an angled motor arm so there’s nothing blocking your camera’s screen for framing and monitoring. The gimbal also includes the companion Feiyu ON iOS/Android app (free download) that lets you adjust settings and perform various actions remotely.


An extension rod supplied with the AK4000 can be attached to the bottom of the gimbal handle so you can comfortably hold the gimbal with both hands for select types of shots.


Cameras Supported for Digital Focus Control
The following cameras can be paired with the gimbal over Wi-Fi for direct digital focus control from the gimbal when using select lenses.

80D, 6D Mark II, 6D, 200D, 5D Mark IV




Cameras Supported for Digital Zoom Control
The following cameras can be paired with the gimbal over Wi-Fi for direct digital zoom in/out control from the gimbal when using select lenses.


a7 III, a7S II, a7R, RX100 V, RX100 IV
RX100 VI, a5100, a6000, a6500, a6300, QX1


Multifunction Handwheel
High-precision magnetic induction knob allows control of focus, zoom, and camera movement in select operation modes of the gimbal, including pan and tilt modes.

Touchscreen LCD Smart Panel
Low-power LCD touch panel, in combination with the joystick and handwheel, allows for easy adjustment of all the gimbal’s settings. It slides left/right to display different setting options.
Angled Motor Arm
A beveled angle design prevents obstruction of the camera screen during shooting, allowing for better framing and monitoring.

Manfrotto PL501 Compatible
The AK4000 is designed with a fixed mounting plate and comes with a quick release plate. The fixed mounting plate also supports the Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate for more flexible compatibility with tripods and other camera supports.

High-Precision Algorithms
The AK4000 features an M4 kernel MCU, 0.02° high-precision magnetic encoding sensor, and w5 generation control algorithm with correction speed of 2000x per second, all adding up to allow high-precision operation.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Dual Module ConnectionThe gimbal can be connected over Wi-Fi to compatible devices to control photo/video capture, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, and exposure value, as well as to switch modes. At the same time, the included Feiyu ON iOS/Android app can connect to your camera via Bluetooth to set up various other parameters.

12-Hour Battery Life
Four included 18650 lithium-polymer batteries (2200mAh each) install into the handle to provide up to 12 hours of battery life.

USB Expansion Interface
A multifunction USB expansion interface lets you charge the camera and accessories.

Pan Mode
The roll and tilt direction are fixed and the camera moves left/right, according to the movements of the user’s hand.

Follow Mode
The roll direction is fixed and the camera moves left/right, up/down, according to the movements of the user’s hand.

Lock Mode
The orientation of the camera is fixed.

All Follow Mode
All three axes of the gimbal follow the user’s hand movements.

Autorotation Mode
One of the selectable modes of operation is an autorotation mode that allows you to assign a pre-set travel route for standard video capture as well as time-lapse photography.

1/4″-20 Mounting Holes
A 1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole on the bottom of the handle allows extending the length of the gimbal with an extension rod (included with the AK4000), as well as mounting it on various other supports. The gimbal also offers 1/4″-20 threaded holes in the following locations for attaching accessories: on the top of the sliding arm of the tilt axis, behind the tilt motor, at the front of the fixed plate, and on the pan motor.


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