Gitzo Series 5 Systematic Ball Head ( GH5381SQD )


Weight 0.93 Kg
Independent Tilt Lock No
Lateral Tilt +28° / -28° tiltrange
Panoramic Rotation 360 ° deg
Plate Type GS5370D
Working Height 10.5 cm
Quick Release Yes
Material Aluminium
Friction Control Yes
Ball Locking Yes
Safety Payload 30 kg
Pan Bar Included No


The Series 5 Systematic Ball Head is a low-profile friction ball head that fits into the shoulder of a Systematic tripod. The D-profile head is Arca-type compatible, and allows the included QR plate to be snapped into the head from above, a faster alternative to sliding in the dovetail plate from the side.

The low-profile design allows a camera to be mounted very close to the top of your tripod, giving you optimal support. It can be mounted to any tripod with a 3/8″-16 stud, or it can be fitted into the upper casting of any Systematic tripod. The head rotates a full 360° around the central axis and tilts +/-28° laterally. A hydraulic locking system allows fast control and smooth locking speed.

This ball head has a Systematic safety catch, which – when used with select Systematic tripods – prevents the head, and any gear attached to it, from falling out of the tripod.

The included ring adapter is required when using this head with a Series 5 Systematic Tripod.



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