Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit

Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit

AED 1275.00

Product Highlights
• Softlight design for 50W of flattering light
• Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) via 2.4G remote control with 3 groups and 40  channels
• Excellent color rendering – CRI 96+ (TLCI 98+)
• Digital Brightness and Temperature Control
• AC adapter and 2 x Sony-compatible battery (not included battery)
• Compact size – 12mm thick
• Anti-scratch surface panel.


The Nuada R3 II LED build-in Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) features the remote control and remains committed to the R3 flicker-free technology and leading color high accuracy of CRI96+ with 136pcs warm color and 136pcs cool color LED bulbs (3200K-5600K). The upgraded power is 50W, soft light in 12mm thick ultra-thin panel as well as scratch-resistant illuminated diffusion.

Dimmable color temperature and brightness with the two parameters can be adjusted from the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) easy to setup the lighting only via one 2.4G wireless remote control and R3 II control panel within A/B/C groups and 40 channels, Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) compatible with Nuada R4 II and Kali50 LED light.

The variable bi-color with the color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K. Two ways to supply power available: the AC adapter for indoor use, or two pieces of Sony NP-F type battery (NP-F750 or NP-F970) for on-location use. *Batteries not included.

Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) compatible with:

Phottix Nuada R4 II LED Light:
81481 (EU) 81482 (US) 81483 (UK) 81484 (AU)
81428 Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set
81429 Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light
81443 Phottix Kali50 LED Light


What’s included:
1. Nuada R3II LED Panel x 2
2. P-220 Light Stand x 2
3. Remote control x 1
4. AC Adapter x 2
5. UK plug x 2
6. US plug x 2
7. EU plug x 2
8. SAA plug x 2
9. Carrying Bag
10. User manual


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