Sevenoak SK-VAM01 Support Vest and Arm

Sevenoak SK-VAM01 Support Vest and Arm

AED 1180.00

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • The Sevenoak SK-VAM01 Support Vest and Arm reduces fatigue.
  • The vest evenly distributes the weight on the operators back and hips and shoulders.
  • Compatible with stabilizers Sevenoak SK-SW01, SK-SW02,SK-SW03.
  • Maximum load capacity of .


The Sevenoak SK-VAM01 Support Vest and Arm is a light and portable and comfortable vest and arm system created for a wide range of DSLR cameras to be used in addition to Sevenoak stabilizers. The vest and arm system allows you to stabilize the camera movement and minimize shaking whenever walking, jogging, running, going up and down steps or flights of stairs, as well as moving over bumpy ground or uneven surfaces.

Weighing a total of 4 kg the vests measurements can be adjusted to fit the operators body size. The movable arm is made up of two sections and can be aligned in all directions. In addition to the arm there is a 18 mm tube, which among other things is compatible for these kinds of Sevenoak stabilizers: Sevenoak SK-SW01, Sevenoak SK-SW02, Sevenoak SK-SW03

With a versatile and sturdy support arm the two section articulated arm can easily be boomed in an up and down motion, pivoted in and out, and also move side to side.

The Sevenoak SK-VAM01 Support Vest and Arm support vestis light, portable and comfortable and can adjust to a variety of operators, is easy to set up and to dismantle, the vest equally distributes the weight load of the camera system equally throughout the operator’s shoulders, back and hips.




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