VISICO – 5 TTL – 400Ws Cordless Battery Powered Strobe

VISICO – 5 TTL – 400Ws Cordless Battery Powered Strobe

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Model No.: VISICO 5
Output power: 400W
Guide No.(2m, ISO100)1/60 reflector SF-610:68
Output control range: 1/128-1/1
LED modelling lamp: 13W
Color temperature(in constant color temperature mode): 5600±200K
Flash duration(not in constant color temperature mode): 1/650-1/10000s
Flash mode: ETTL/M/Multi
Stroboscopic flash: number of flashs 20,frequency 30Hz
Flash exposure compensation(FEC): ±5 f-stops in 1/3 increment (in TTL mode)
Sync mode: high speed sync (up to 1/8000s),first curtain sync,second curtain sync
2.4G radio channel: 1,2,3,4 four channel
Controllable group: A,B,C three groups
Sync trigger: 3.5mm sync cord/VC-818TX(optional)
Fan: yes
Lithium capacity: 11.1V,6000mAh
Charging voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz,12V DC
Power indicator: yes
Full power flashes: 500
Recycling time: 0.01-2.8s
Dimension(with battery): 20*12*12cm
Weight(with battery): 1850g
External port: PC port, USB port
Features description
TTL function, automatically adjust the output of the flash
VISICO5 built-in CANON and NIKON TTL receiver system, can be fitted with VC-818TX trigger on Canon or Nikon camera to achieve TTL flash (VC-818TX trigger has CANON and NIKON version). Flash is used in TTL mode, no need to adjust the shutter or aperture, you can easily get the correct exposure for an easier and more efficient  photo taking.
1/10000s flash duration, accurate capture fast moving objects
VISICO5 1/10000s flash duration is a necessary function to let photographer capture the beautiful moments of moving objects, suitable for shooting water droplets and splash, dance, sports, birds, explosion photography, etc.. It can accurately capture every action, every expression and even blowing hair without any blur.
Multi strobe function, shoot moving object trajectory
VISICO5 has multi strobe function, the photographer can shoot moving object trajectory in one shutter, according to their own requirements, and set the frequency and number of flashes. Such as dance movements, shooting parabolic, to meet the creative needs of any photographer.
2.4GHz wireless remote trigger system, 360°no dead angle
The Visico 5 uses 2.4GHz wireless remote trigger system, and 4 separate channels. Each channel, also has 3 groups (A, B, C). TTL and manual mode. This feature is very useful in the case of multiple lights shooting. Photographers can set VISICO5 flashes into different channels and groups. Thanks to the VC-818TX trigger the photographer can control independently the power of each flash light.
High performance lithium battery
Visico 5 uses high performance, easy to replace and carry plug-in lithium battery,  The number of flash is up to 500 times at full power.
13W LED modeling lamp
The 13W LED modeling lamp of Visico 5 is equivalent to the brightness of 130W halogen bulbs, 6 degree dimming, continuous light , on or off, high efficiency and power saving. Convenient for night shooting or video shooting
Strong power
Other ordinary flash on the market (HSS mode) at 1/8000s high-speed sync mode, the output of the light source is very limited, the power attenuation is very obvious, the output in low level, and stroboscopic effect is quite serious, the photos have obvious gradient effect; But VISICO5 (HS mode) at 1/8000s high-speed sync mode is very close to full power, woith great colour saturation.
VISICO5 is 400W European standard output, equivalent to the marked 600W flash on the market, the power is enough for photographer to shoot in a highlight environment outdoor.
Note: HSS is a way of very high speed and continuous pulse to trigger flash, produces stroboscopic flash effect, lighten exposure window along with move down of front-curtain. Because it must offer many pulsating flashes, making continuous light source in a very short time, so the actual flash output is quite low, and has big change according to different shutter speed.
HS is a flash triggered before shutter trigger, and operation in a very precise time point. Basically, HS is cut out the brightest moment during the flash. It is very closed to the actual flash output, can congeal the dynamic moment and darken the sun light. (HS technology is used in the VISICO VC-818TX remote controller)
Output stability
VISICO has cooperated with German engineers to ensure the output stability of VISICO5 TTL wireless outdoor flash. Continuously flash 100 times under the same power, the difference is not more than +-0.1EV.
Four protections
To ensure the photographers’safety, VISICO5 TTL wireless outdoor flash has overheating, over-voltage, over current and charging protection, advanced alarm prompt function.
Heat dissipating system
VISICO5 TTL wireless outdoor flash lights built-in high performance cooling fan, uninterruptedly cool the flash light, to ensure the flash light can work for a long time.




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