Yongnuo M8 LED Illuminated HD Makeup Mirror


Yongnuo M8 LED Illuminated HD Makeup Mirror

AED 350.00

Light source: 120pcs of SMD LEDs + 8pcs of RGB SMD LEDs
Color temperature: 3200K-6500K + RGB full color
Output power: 8.5W
Product life: 50000h
Illumination: 1200Lux
Weight: about 2650g
External power supply: 12V2A DC
Built-in battery: 7.2V/2600mAh/18.72W


1.Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥96%: A lighted make-up mirror with sunlight ring and LED natural light, showing your beauty.

2.”8+5″ Double Mirrors: 8-inch silver-plated high-definition mirror + 5x optical magnifying small mirror, taking care of your make-up issues.

3.120pcs of cold and warm Light LEDs: Natural and soft light illuminates every inch of skin clearly.

4. Touch Control Color Temperature /Brightness Adjustment: Easily
simulate various lighting scenes.

5. Adopts YONGNUO LED constant current driving technology specially developed for LED video light, no corrugated or strobe light, which helps you make up without tiredness even for a long time.

6.Small Ring Light around the mirror stand: Colors change while tapping the mirror base.

7.Fast Charging: 180-minutes of charging for 8-day battery life (20-min for daily use)

8. Silicone Suction Plate on the base makes the mirror more stable on the desk.

9.0-90° Rotation Angle meets all needs of beauty, no need to look up and down in the mirror.



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