Godox QT600-2L-G Quicker Flash 2 Heads Kit


QT flash, an outstanding strobe for studio and workshop shooting. Photographers can easily capture a chain of fast-changing facial expressions and amazing moves, as well as clearly freeze each fleetingly perfect instant into eternal beauty. Excellent for wedding, portrait, fashion, and advertisement photography, especially, high-speed photography.

Main Features:

* Extremely fast recycling time
0.05-1.2 second, up to 10 continuous flashes per second
* Ultra short flash duration
1/5000-1/800 second, vividly snaps moving objects and details actions
* High color stability
5600±100k between flashes over the entire power range
* Wide-range and precise power regulation
Output from full power (1/1) to 1/128 in 50 steps (5.0-10.0)
* Wireless power control and flash triggering system (optional)
Special trigger wirelessly controls flash power level, modeling light, buzzer, etc

  • Very fast flash duration’s for freezing motion
  • Very good color consistency across the power range
  • Fast recycle times of 1.2 seconds at full power
  • Accurate power consistency
  • A wide power range down to low power levels
  • And fast and easy remote manual power control

Complete kit includes for Godox QT600-2L-G Quicker

  • 2 x Godo QT-600 studio flash
  • 2 x Standard reflector
  • 2 x Glass protection cover
  • 2 x Power cord
  • 2 x Lamp cover
  • 2 x Modeling lamp
  • 2 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x GODOX Transmitter FT-16
  • 2 x GODOX Receiver FT-16
  • 2 x SN-304 2m Light Stand
  • 2 x Bowens mount Godox 60*90cm softbox​


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