Jinbei Light Kit HDII-600V Pro Kit


Jinbei has introduced a new “Super Sync” wireless flash designed for location photography. The HD-600 Handy Strobe runs on a lithium battery, takes full-size light modifiers and will synchronise at any shutter speed “at max power”.  A flash specialized to catch moving images and capturing transient expression from a Standard Kit now becomes as a Pro- Kit. Introducing HD-600 Pro Kit  from Jinbei. The Jinbei HDII-600 is by no means the first battery-powered, high-speed location flash to enter the market.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x HD-600 Head + Charger + Battery + Reflector
  •  TRS 2.4 GHz Remote Transmitter
  • 2x  JB-220 Aluminum Light Stand
  • 2x M-60×90 Softbox
  •  Standard Kit Bag


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