Jinbei M140 Octagonal Softbox

Jinbei M140 Octagonal Softbox

This size is best suited for a portrait of 2 or 3 people,
For product photography this size soft-box will cover 2-3 medium – large items, (Large camera bag – rolling case)
The soft-box features a highly reflective silver interior, and its front face can be removed for easy access to the light and the interior baffle from the front,
You have the option of shooting without the front face for an increased output, or the interior baffle for different effects,
This octo-box is designed for use with strobes only,
Its circular design provides diffused light that is as wide as it is tall,
Use the Octaform without the face or baffle for a broad, high-contrast light.
Use both the face and the baffle for the softest, most diffused light.
Silver interior provides specular highlights, and slightly harder light quality than a softbox with a white interior.
Perfect for portraits as it gives a nice round circular highlight catch in the eyes,

This soft-box comes with Bowen S fitting,

Easy to put up and dismantle,
Premium materials used to ensure accurate color temperature,
140cm in size, (surface)
Duo diffuser panels,
Also available in other sizes,
Basic construction required, assembles and disassembles quickly,

Package included:
1x 140cm front diffuser,
1x Interior diffuser,
8x Metal rods,
1x Speed ring with Bowens S fitting,
1x Highly reflective silver skin,

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