Visico LED-25A with A/C Adapter, Battery & Charger


Brand Name                                         VISICO
Model Number                                    LED-25A
Power                                                    23W
Voltage                                                  7.2-15V, 7.2-15V
Color Temperature                             3200~5600K
Dimension                                            165x115x20mm
Weight                                                   250 g g
Usage                                                    Photography
Emitting Color                                     White, yellow
Battery Type                                         lithium
Material                                                 ABS and aluminum
Shape                                                     Quadrate


(with AC adaptor, with one battery and one charger )


Super thin, lightweight, compact, portable, and bright. Perfect light for use in film, photo, and event light.

Edge light technology, provides a uniform, true soft light Beam, and bright light source for high-quality photographic images.

Battery-powered and removable 100-240 VAC power adapter permits use in both studio and outdoor photography.

Color variable from 3200 to 5600K.

Brightness is dimmable from 0%-100%.

Accurate color rendering, CRI more than 95%.

Eliminating sharp shadows and making for an ideal beauty light. The soft shadows cut cleanly without exhibiting multiple edges or color fringing.

Eco-friendly long-lasting LEDs are rated for up to a 30000-hour lifespan.

Simple operation, and extremely easy to carry and store.

A precise selection of high quality and long-lasting frame results in a solid fixture that can withstand heavy daily use


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