Visico LED Light -200T 5500K

Visico LED Light -200T 5500K

AED 1,299.00


Model Number : LED-200T
Power : 200W
Voltage : 110-220V
Color Temperature : 3200K or 5500K
Dimension : 36*13*13CM
Weight : 3150 kg kg, 3150G
Type : Photography
Suitable for : Photography Shooting
Usage : Outdoor Entertainment
Material : Metal
Certification : CE ROHS
Light : LED
Warranty : 3200K-5500K
Color : White
Power supply models : AC 100-240V 50-60HZ


Main features

High brightness, low heat.
Continuous light, non-flickering lighting.
Standard color temperature.
Adjustable output power, legible output power readout.
Uniform diffusion, even distribution.
High CRI rating over 95, restore object true color.
Very good cooling system.
Long service life, more than 50000 hours under correct current and voltage.
Applies to children’s photography, portrait, live studio shot, video.
Compatible with visico accessories.
Has build-in VC-801TX radio receiver.
Sturdy metal housing.






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