Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Ringflash ECO


  • 400W/s Flash Tube
  • 6.0′ Detachable Cable
  • Includes White Diffuser Cap
  • Short Flash Duration
  • Lightweight, Only 2.2 lb (1.0 kg)

The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Ringflash ECO is a dedicated ringlight for Quadra battery power packs that allows you to bring the distinctive shadowless ringlight look out of the studio and on location with you. This lightweight (2.2 lb/1.0 kg) light has a 2 pole flash tube that delivers a motion-freezing 1/2,500 sec. flash duration at minimum power (outlet B). The 6.5′ (2 m) detachable cable and 3.74″ (9.5 cm) internal diameter make it a natural for location work with medium format or SLR cameras. A white diffuser cap is included for an even softer diffused look.

Note: The RQ Ringflash can be used only with Ranger Quadra battery power packs.


Up to 400Ws maximum flash power, for the Ranger Quadra RX battery power packs
Detachable 6.5′ (2.0 m) flash cable
Included reliable quality 2 pole flash tube with internal reflector and transparent plastic protection
Included white diffuser cap modifies the light characteristics into a more diffuse light source
Included camera bracket fits a wide range of cameras
The 3.74″ (9.5 cm) inner diameter will accept a wide range of cameras and lenses


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