Jinbei EN-350 Inverter Portable Power For Studio Flashes Outdoor


EN-350 inverter is specially designed for outdoor use of photographer, which could supply stable and powerful energy for low-power studio flash. New and unique design, compact volum, portable and easy-operated.


  • Manufacturer: Jinbei
  • 8800mAh Lithium Battery
  • 450 times of flashes in full power for 1 x 600Ws flash head
  • 600 times of flashes in full power for 1 x 400Ws flash head
  • 800 times of flashes in full power for 1 x 300Ws flash head
  • Sustain two flash heads
  • Easy-charing battery
  • USB charging socket
  • Firm and durable lock

The EN-350 has almost identical specifications to the VML, 14,4V 8800mAh Lithium battery, and a total weight just under 2kg for the complete battery and inverter. Continuous output is 200W and Peak power 600W.

Recycle time will be around 3 seconds for a single 600Ws flash. And 2 flashes can be also be used, though recycle would increase, and the number of pops would halve with 2 flashes.

Again like the VML the EN-350 has a removable battery pack pack which can be swapped over as needed, even while the lights are still plugged into the inverter.

The battery packs can be charged via a socket in the top of the inverter case, or directly via the socket in the battery pack. So one battery pack can then be charging while another is being used. Or multiple packs can be charged at once (using extra chargers). Charging time is 3 to 4 hours.

The EN-350 has a battery level indicator, 30A fuse, and a USB socket for powering other devices. This can be extremely handy for powering a laptop or charging other batteries etc on location.



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