Jinbei MARS-3 TTL Battery-Powered Outdoor Strobe


Jinbei MARS-3 TTL Battery-Powered Outdoor Strobe

AED 1250.00

Guide number 55
Power 250Ws
Power adjusting 1/1 ~ 1/256
Flash duration time 1/800s ~ 1/19000s
Recharge time 0,03s ~ 1,3s
Colour temperature 5500K ±150K / FREEZE 5500K ±800K
Modelling lamp 10W
Modelling lamp mode 100% / OFF
Charge indicator Dźwiękowa
Manualny / Automatyczny TTL c/n/s/f
Freeze / EasyCap / Delay
TR-Q6c/n/s/f / TR-611 / TR-612 / TR-V6 / TRS-V / TR-A9 / TR-A6
TAK – do aktualizacji oprogramowania
Akumulator 14,8V / 2500mAh
Dimmensions Głowica Ø105x145mm / Generator 165x67x195mm
Weight 1,92kg


The Jinbei MARS-3 is a portable flash unit for outdoor and studio use. The Delicacy II lighting modifier fixing system allows you to use various types of lighting modifiers such as snooty, bowls, color filters, gates, etc. Included with the lamp are a central unit, a 2500mAh battery, a mains charger, a shoulder strap Central cover, head cover, and bag carrying all components of the set, with shoulder strap.

The lamp can be operated in TTL or manual mode. In the TTL mode, the flash output power is automatically set and the FEC can be adjusted in the +/- 3 EV range. In manual mode, synchronization can take place in normal mode, HSS (fast shutter synchronization, up to 1 / 8000s), and FREEZE freeze mode when the flash duration is shortest (1 / 19000s).

Remote control of the lamp can be done via a built-in receiver, compatible with TR-611/612, TR-A6, TRS-V, TRS, or any other triggering via the synchro.

The lamp features a legible color LCD display showing all current lamp settings and features. The flash is adjusted in increments of 9 stops in increments of 1 or every 0.1 stops. The head also features a built-in 10W LED modeling lamp. Thanks to the use of LED cells, modeling light can be used without worrying about the battery being discharged too fast.

The lamp has an electronic system to protect against overheating. In the event that the temperature inside the lamp is excessively high, a message will appear on the display and the flash will be blocked until the temperature drops to a safe level.

Kit Contents:

  •     Flash head MARS-3
  •     central unit
  •     14.8V 2500mAh battery
  •     charger
  •     Cover for the head
  •     Cover for central unit
  •     Shoulder strap to the cover
  •     Bag for all kit items
  •     Shoulder strap for the bag


  •     Guide number: 58
  •     Adjustment range: M: 1.0-9.0 with step 0.1 or 1; TTL: FEC +/- 3.0
  •     Loading time: 0.03-1.3s
  •     Operating modes: TTL, Manual
  •     Synchronization modes: normal, HSS, Freeze
  •     Flash duration: NOR: 1 / 800-1 / 8000; Freeze: 1 / 800-1 / 19000s
  •     Color temperature: NOR: 5500 +/- 150K; Freeze: 5500 +/- 800K
  •     Modeling lamp: 10W
  •     Built-in receiver: 2.4GHz
  •     Channels / groups: CH00-15; GR: A / B / C / D / E / F
  •     Trigger: Built-in radio receiver, 3.5mm synchro socket, photocell, TEST
  •     Synchronization voltage: 5V
  •     Battery: 14,8V, 2500mAh
  •     Overheat protection
  •     USB slot for software update
  •     Weight: 1.92kg
  •     Dimensions: Head: Ø105x145mm; Driver: 165x67x195mm


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