Mettle QL-1000 tungsten continuous light head 1000 WS




  • Variable Power control
  • Automatic cooling fan
  • Brightness 13500Lm
  • Fits any light stand
  • Color: 3300K
Power Input: AC 200-240V 50HZ
Lightning power: 1000w
Fan Cooler: Mini Fan (built in)
Thermo-limit: 90C
Power Setting: From 1/16 to full continuously
Beam Width 55 degree
Bulb Base: G-9.5 two pins
Color Temperature: 3200K
Safety Fuse: 10A
Dimension: 136mmx127mmx100mm
Weight: 1.2kg


This adjustment quartz halogen light can be used as the exclusive or supplementary light source for digital or film cameras, camcorders, and digital video. This light has variable output from 50 watts to a full 1000 watts of power, just turn the knob. Now you can have just the right amount of light when you need it. This continuous variable light will add new dimension to your photography. Perfect for indie video productions, digital studios, chromakey studios. This light can be left on all day, since it is cooled by a fan. The overheat protection will work immediately if the temperature inside reaches temperatures greater than 200 degrees F, protecting the fuse, the bulb and the rest of the light’s internal systems. This kit can be used with softboxes or umbrellas to get shadowless light that will wrap around your subject.


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