Visico VL-300 Plus Studio Kit 3 Head


3 × VL-300plus Flash head + 2 Reflectors
3 × LS-8005 Light stand (air cushion)
1 × 50X70 SB-030 soft box
2 × UB-001 soft umbrella 80cm.
1 × VC-816TX radio transmitter for free
1 × KB-F Kit bag


Build in over heat protection, under same environment temperature, the studio flash can flash more 500 times than traditional studio flash, operational use time is longer 30 minutes. When studio flash is temperature alarm, it will increase recycle time to reduce heat. satisfied photographer’s uninterrupted shoot demand at critical moment.

Build in over voltage protection, prevent capacitor from explosion, explosive sound and smog, let photographer take photo smoothly. Studio flash has disturbance display, can clearly let photographer understand what is the problem, so easy to repair.

Build in 2.4Ghz radio receiver, can match with portable VISICO VC-801TX multifunctional remote control ( perfectly combine remote and trigger into one). it is very easy to operate, through the combination of group and channel, can free control among each studio. The remote control can adjust flash power and switch on/off modeling lamp. (for example one studio has 4 light, can separately control 64 pcs studio flash maximumly, and control among 16 studios. Suitable for the big scene)

The soft-start function of modeling lamp can protect photographers and customers’ eyes, avoid momentary hard light. Increase the working life more than 3 times. Reduce the cost of buy lamp many times.

Modeling lamp can be controlled from proportion mode, full gloss mode, automatic start and stop mode and off mode. Can let photographer one button operate in different environment, make photographer have more thinking space.

Safety ground, conform to one of the European most authoritative electronic products safety certificates–VDE standard.

Aluminum alloy housing, stealth design of embedded retaining screw, avoid housing surface occur rusty phenomenon after long time use. Housing surface is made of antistatic environmental protection rubber paint, to protect photographer’s fingers, improve image of studio.

Stable internal performance, CPU control LED display, simply operation, easily use, the best choice of commercial and advertising photography. Provide the most professional and reliable lighting system for studios.

Two kinds of recycling reminder: The photographer who like quiet environment can choose modeling lamp reminder. Who like sound can choose beep reminder.

1 second recycle time at full power, long time continuous shooting, for fast grab shots and capture splendid moment.

Stepless power-control range of five f-stops from full to 1/32(6 stop points). Precision light-output adjustments to an accuracy of 1/10 f-stop, output accuracy is 1%. Keep stable color temperature when power change.

Delay flash/redeye reduction function, 7 pre flashes at max.. Can match with different camera flash and Speedlight. Meet professional photographer’s creation demand, let them creat with high proficiency.

In order to build rich light and shadow effect, need to use professional big size accessories ,such as beauty dish and grid softbox. The holder can move up and back, play the role of keeping balance of flash light center of gravity.

Power cord is not easy to aging, safe and reliable.


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