Jinbei HD-400 Flash TTL Battery Outdoor Strobe


Jinbei HD-400 Flash TTL Battery Outdoor Strobe

AED 1399.00

High-speed Sync up to 1/8000s; 400 times Full Power Flashes400Ws Output, 1.5s full power recycling time
1/8000s HSS & up to 1/19000s Flash Duration
Up to 20 Frames per Second
9 F-stop for 1.0& 0.1 flash power variation
4400mAh Lithium Battery Supporting 300 Frames in Full Power Output
Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji TTL&HSS


Jinbei HD-400 Flash
The Jinbei HD-400 Flash is a battery powered monolight flashlight. The flash has high-speed synchronization, up to 1/8000s, and is good for 400 times Full Power flashes. The HD-400 flash has a power of 400 Ws and is charged in 1.5 seconds for the next flash. The flash duration is a maximum of 1/19000s (t 0.5) to freeze the image. The flash supports 20 frames per second high-speed continuous photography. The built-in wireless receiver has channels and groups and is recommended for use with the TR-Q6 transmitter. The Jinbei HD-400 flash is compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji TTL & HSS.

Features of the Jinbei HD-400 Flash
Power: 400 Ws
Guide number: 66
Synchronization modes: Normal / HSS / Freeze
Flash duration: Normal: 1/800-1/8500s / Freeze: 1/ 800-1/19000s
Built-in wireless receiver: Range > 100 meters
Channels: 00-15 / groups: A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J
Color temperature: Normal / TTL: 5500K +- 150K / Freeze: 5500K +- 500K
Lithium battery capacity: DC 16.8V 44 mAh
Dimensions (LxWxH): 280 x 125 x 190 mm.

Included as standard with the Jinbei HD-400 Flash
1x Jinbei HD-400 Flash
1x 14 cm magnetic reflector (with red/yellow/blue/green/soft gel)
1x HD-400 Kit bag


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